jumping from airplanes

Many a recent day has been lost in a daydream state, pondering my options for doing, for reading, for seeing, for eating.  Pondering and weighing and staring.  Usually right up until the light had fallen, the day had ended.  Most days never doing. Unfortunately, most days never eating.  

I have stood many a recent day in the doorway, chute on, door open, staring.   Totally unwilling to step outside.  

I say recently.

Now, I would like to step from the plane.  Not a real plane of course.  My incredible fear of heights is a problem to be solved another day… or never.  Probably more like never.  

I digress.

Today, I would like to step from the plane.  

In conjunction with a dear friend over at somuchsoclose (whose metaphor I am currently butchering) I will be attempting to reenter the world and get back to both living and writing.  I will be attempting to show appreciation for more things.  I will be attempting to share the things i find that make me happy, enthusiastic.  

In short, “sometimes a great notion” is an attempt at living better. 

It is my motivation to do more.  See more.  Appreciate more.  Share more.

I also hope to improve my writing past the 4th grade level.  

So, J.M., today’s goal has been filled.  What does tomorrow bring?  What do we jump from next?



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