And did you get what you wanted from this life…?

Today is a sunny fifty-five degree day in late November.

The market is still in full swing. The farmers are happy and friendly, able to continue selling their hard-earned fruits. The crowds are enthusiastic and appreciative, allowed one more bright and shiny fall afternoon.  Families enjoy a slow and  sweet Saturday together outside after forced family functions and rainy cold holiday drives.

The long holiday weekend is festive.  

There is no line jostling or overcrowded sale table.

There is no tumultuous toy grabbing or clothes rifling.

There are carols and singalongs and tuba santas, fresh-baked breads and ripe vegetables, local honeys and grass fed meats.


A sense of community and strength of spirit prevails. There is an understanding that today is one of those great and beautiful days that we need to enjoy and be grateful and appreciative of because the coming days ahead will be cold and windswept. Barren fields without fruit or vegetable. Snowy iced over sidewalks for trudging, bundled against the elements.

But those are ahead.

Not now.

Not today.

Today is for the small child’s wonderment at a reindeer with one big antler.

Today is the small sticky hand full of kettle corn.  

Today is the warm cup of cider you blow gently across while sharing smiles and handshakes with strangers and old friends alike.

Today is today. And although tomorrow will dawn soon enough, we must not forget:


Here and so very bright and tangible.

Here is warm bread and sunlight. Here is now and real. Today is alive.

Tomorrow will come.

Today we have all of this.


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