things i found today while riding a bike in the woods

I feel like any sort of commentary is unneeded and downright overkill.
But, I will say that I love living in places where crazy people are still allowed to pile up all their crazy around them. I found many more things today that were so crazy I was afraid to stop and photograph them. Yards with an order to the chaos of garbage and destruction that couldn’t be chance. A motorcycle built into a chariot or wagon and wrapped in Christmas lights. A display of toy ride on ponies next to a pile of distorted metal farm machinery. Houses with all manner of debris hanging from them. Houses with all manner of debris patched into them. Absurd amalgamations created by imaginative hill people with more trash than cash. Amazing. But unfortunately, the abundance of colorful and creative trash menageries are rivaled only by the amount of hill folk shotguns. So, that being said, I retrieved only two items today.
But I shall return.
Armed with more than a camera phone.
Preferably something capable of capturing an image without losing an eye to errant birdshot (or worse).


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