things i’m too tired to write about tonight

but may be interesting to put into detail another time.

– boat masts crashing down during races
– sailing sunfish through storm swells
– broken lines, adrift in the bay
– taking cars on mountain trails in the hills of Nova Scotia
– a curious wolf in the Cape Breton highlands
– watching wolves hunt deer in Wyoming
– watching the bucks fight back
– following a coyote into the woods
– calling a different one out of the woods
– following mountain lion tracks in North Dakota
– realizing there are mountain lion tracks following the same sheep tracks i’m following into a box canyon in Utah
– spinning at 65mph across a highway in a blizzard
– fireworks going off in the car at the same time
– snowshoeing across a lake at 3am under a full moon new year’s eve outside Glacier N.P.
– realizing that you might actually be in trouble after falling down an overhang on a cliff face in Canyonlands
– taking your nephew sledding for the first time, his first time
– taking your nephew in the ocean for his first time
– driving last minute to Seattle from Montana for the 4th because you really want to see good fireworks
– driving last minute to the Florida Keys to take your dad camping on a beach for Christmas
– watching the old man cook a steak for christmas dinner on the tailgate of your truck
– Hemingway’s cats
– taking your old man with the bad heart and worse knees to kayak with manatees
– you and two cats squatting in an abandoned part of an old military airport
– being absolutely sure you’re dying of pneumonia in the back of your truck in the middle of january and having no idea where you are
– being stuck halfway down a chute, surrounded by ice, a serious drop ahead, thinking “yup, i f’d up”
– eventually riding out of it and still thinking you seriously f’d up
– many, many more that i’m too tired to list…

I’m realizing that you should really write more stuff down when it happens.


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