an interesting conversation about writing, the job.*

“I write just exactly what interests me and not another word”
from an npr interview

I enjoy some of McMurtry’s writing.
I love some of the films based on McMurtry’s writing.

Does his easy translation to the big screen make him less of a writer? More of a writer?
Is there less purity to his art because it is easily monetized?
Is he less important or relevant to the discussion of  American literature?
More iconic because his books make great movies?

I’m asking, not telling. 

Larry McMurtry created stories that spoke to Americans. He wrote tales portraying important periods in the American story. 
Hell, Lonesome Dove helped me fall in love with the West as a kid.  

What makes good reading?  
What defines great literature?
Is accessibility  an important aspect?  Should it be?

I dislike abstract styles of painting.  
I dislike overly embellished styles of writing.  
I like clean lines on cars.  

I’m not an expert.  .
I’m just asking questions.
I’m just writing about what interests me.

* Just so we’re clear. The “interesting” refers to the NPR interview, not my post. I lay no claims to “interesting”.
Hell, I got bored typing this.


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