enthusiasm shared

I really enjoy the world of podcasting. Something, at least to myself, still relatively new. I love the opportunity to be able to produce an exciting, fun and enthusiastic program on some small great thing to share with others. Other nerds that is. Podcasting provides the window from which to shout all your useless and thrilling knowledge. Your Jeopardy ephemera.
I do not produce a podcast. But I love nothing more than hours of various and entertaining topics running along as my life’s soundtrack. Driving, working, interbrowsing. The plethora of useless facts and jokes my brain dives into as an all you can learn buffet to then regurgitate onto my poor bored and exasperated friends and family.
Well, except my brother. He’s as bad if not worse than myself.

Anywho, the point of this entry is to share a new podcast I discovered while attempting to entertain myself during an excessively long and lonely Christmas. The stories are short. Only lasting four or five minutes at the longest. But the stories overwhelm in quality what they lack in quantity. The production is great. The enthusiasm is intense. All around, awesome.
So. I would like to pass it on to others. To share what has been shared. Enjoy.

The Memory Palace

Also, available on itunes.


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