a day like any other,

a calendar’s talisman, holding only the value we choose to give it, the power we allow it.

that being said;
this year,
i will:
do more.
go farther.
erase lines from maps.
ride my bike even more.
climb higher.
outlive my fears.
get over you.
buy good boots.
use them.
love more.
climb a mountain.
regain control.
get out of bed.
get a good night’s sleep.
take more pictures.
do more photo worthy things.
appreciate more.
be more appreciative.

the first decade i was a child.
the second decade, the fires of youth.
the third decade, the storm front of young adulthood.
the fourth decade?
settling? love? disaster? adventure? transience?

Today is a day like any other. Holding only the power we give it.
I think I’ll hold onto that power. I feel i may need it.
I got a lot of changes to make.


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