Apparently, my New Year’s resolution was to stop writing here. I apologize. I’ve been having a terrible time focusing, concentrating, sitting, etc. I hope to get some decisions worked out soon that are weighing on me. Hopefully once those are cleared up, I can get back to producing. Funny thing is, I’ve had four different drafts for stories started in my draft pile that I just can’t seem to get finished. So, I hope to get on that sooner than later.
For now, please enjoy some other things.

Coffee maker I want badly.

Couple great stories from pages of Esquire

The Finches making super sweet music

Some great old soul music from a radio show out of Chicago

Fantastic crock pot recipe

Interesting and helpful writing tips from an interesting and helpful travel site

Amazing teen sailing around world alone Impressive, the ocean terrifies me.

Brown Bird. Amazing people. Fantastic music.

Well, I hope that all gives you* something to stay occupied for now. Be back on track soon.

I leave you with a picture from my bike path travels.

*By you, I literally mean you, JM. So, yeah.


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