he’s a hometown hero,

he’s got stars in his eyes.

I love photography. As art, as journalism, as documentary, as memory. I grew up with a father darkrooming in the upstairs bath. Chemicals in the bath. Strips hung from the mirror. A father who carried an old nikon everywhere. I grew up with my own old camera bodies. An old light leaking Leica. Later Minolta. At times the same Nikon. Even an old Polaroid or three. I love getting the perfect light, composition, exposure out of a quick candid snap. It’s a rush.
I admit to now being lazy with digital. Taking too many ill formed pictures in order to cull the pile later. Unfocused and lazy framing. Yuk.
I admit the need to return to film. The financial, emotional, and time cost of losing a good shot drives one to better focus and concentration. I also miss the hands-on, nuts and bolts, mechanical side of shooting in film. The chemical smell. The anticipation and surprise. The sadness of loss.
I’ve gotten lazy.

I’ve been working on a write up of one of my absolute favorite photographers, Danny Lyon. I plan to maybe finish that up sometime this decade.
But right now, I’d like to introduce an old friend and fantastic photographer, Brian Higbee. An amazing artist, skilled fashion photog, and great documentary style shooter, Brian produces an amazingly well rounded portfolio.
He possesses a great eye and an intense ambition. Relocated from RI to LA, he manages to move forward without forgetting where he’s been.
Brian is a great photographer and a good solid dude.
In my eyes, I can’t provide better compliments.


property of brian higbee

the man on the job

Also, going to Brian’s site means seeing pictures of yours truly hanging with little bro.


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  1. Stigmata

    Hey man, I didn’t know you had a blog up. Thanks for putting my site up, much appreciated! LA’s going well, keeping busy.

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