D.C. Soul

Awesome segment on NPR about D.C. soul and funk. Small batch pressings. Limited numbers. Sold from car trunks. Social commentary and good times. Reminds me a lot of how hardcore was. An enthusiastic DIY ethic and a love for good music no one else was making.
The segment got me online and searching. Although I already enjoyed a lot music from the era, I missed out on a ton of smaller acts that never got beyond the local venue and local fame. Not every track was a hit. But, the message was important. Many were attempting to convey life growing up in the areas of the poor and disenfranchised in a time of civil and social unrest. These are voices a nation never heard.
Rock anthems preaching peace to muddied free love junkies had its place. But so did lovelorn croonings of heartbreak and gospel choir calls for equality.
The smooth sounds of the soul funk Sixties.
Please, take a slice, and pass it on.

Midwest 45’s make sure to go to each state’s page and then to the various 45’s, all of which have samples. Also, check out the radio playlists.

NPR story.

Site with a lot of history to read on clubs and acts of the time.

Soul Sides some interesting crate digging, variety and hearty appreciation.

Some sample jams:

Henry Ford with Brothers of the Ghetto

The Opals


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