my daily B-roll

Recently, these are some of the sites I like to hit up daily. It’s a mixed bag of funny, fashion, travel and news.
I tend to mix them up regularly. But for now:

Street Boners and TV Carnage– guy from Vice. potty mouths. inappropriate humor.

The Selvedge Yard– style. commentary. cool stuff.

The Impossible Cool– pictures of people you wish you were.

Cold Splinters– the great outdoors keeps getting greater.

Matador– travel community.

4Q Conditioning– great skater. awesome motorcycles. nuff said.

The Accidental Extremist– travel uh-ohs. big time.

A Time To Get– good cars. good clothes. great style.

The Kitchn and The Home– one for food. one for design. i need a little of both.

IO9– sci fi geek out sesh. fo sho.

Gadling– more places i want to go.

There are of course more. There are also the usual biggies: HuffPo, NYT, DiGG. But that’s enough for now. Right-o.


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