welcome to my gross oversimplification.

Can someone please explain the existence of the tea party/bagger movement? Do they not have representation for their taxation? This is very confusing to me.
I’m very confused.
I understand the anger directed at misplaced government spending and overspending.
If a President promoted a war through false means and then funneled trillions upon trillions of tax dollars overseas into the hands of others to first fight a war then provide for both health and education needs while simultaneously creating unrealistic goals for schools at home to meet prior to receiving funding and blocking health care reform, I would understand a movement of angry, hungry, uneducated and unhealthy citizens.
The supposed anti-government anti-spending groups seem to have appeared in force upon the election of a new more centrist President. One who has actually only been mildly pushing for reform for about a year.*
This is also confusing.
I’m so very confused.
They appear very angry that he has both spent too much and failed to fix all the nation’s problems already.**
If I was to couple this with the resurgence in hate groups and the so-called “Birther” movement, I feel I would be jumping to conclusions.
Am I jumping to conclusions?
Again, I’m very easily confused.

*Yes, centrist. I know it is hard to believe. Really. I do. But you see, it only appears to be far left because of the captain insane-o swing right the last administration made.

**I believe my favorite analogy thus far has been:
If one driver goes 8 hours in the wrong direction before switching drivers, then you can’t expect the next driver to have gotten you back on track in an hour.


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