spatial inhabitation and the slowing down of bodies

I have not felt fully invested in the moment in a long time. Certainly not in creating a home space for myself. Within my greater attempt to become more deliberate in living, I decided to try and be more focused on creating a comfortable home environment. To more fully inhabit my space. To not be on a floor in a sleeping bag with piles of clothes in milk crates and books shoved to corners. I don’t necessarily foresee a return to i k e a shopping trips and the level of domesticity and family creation I was once so devoted to.
I built a bed.
I bought new clean sheets and blankets and even a pillow.
I built a kitchen area and got out all my old baking jars that I plan to refill.
I hung pictures.
I plan to start window boxes for herbs for the coming spring.

Today, I took the day to sit in my chair with the blinds pulled high and the warm winter sun flowing over me while I played on the computer.
I slowed down and tried being home.
To feel home.
Still and in the moment.


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