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Seriously. Wojtek.
The soldier bear.
This guy carried artillery shells. Smoked cigarettes. Drank beer. Wrestled his fellow enlisted men.
And captured enemy spies.
Yup. Captured enemy spies.
In his shower.
This will never happen in any war, any where, ever. Never again.

Also at BOTW.

Suck it nazis

Immediately following the whole nazi/Europe/Russia thing kicking off, a couple months after Hitler started steamrolling Poland, Russia decided Finland was looking pretty good. Right easy pickings. Little did they realize just how rugged and ready the Finns were. The Finns were prepared to party. Russia invades after creating just cause by shelling their own border guards. Finland defends.
Enter “White Death”, aka. “Badass-super-killy-sniper-dude”, aka. Simo Häyhä.
He racked up around seven hundred kills in a little over three months. Which explains why a small force, outnumbered a hundred to one, was able to keep Mother Russia at bay. Eventually poor Simo had half his face blown off. But still stayed healthy enough to live to about 96 years of age.
To be fair he only accomplished a little over 500 of those kills with a sniper rifle.
Yeah, an iron sights Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifle.
Double bananas!!
For those that don’t know M/28.
This guy would hide in the freezing cold, eating snow, killing Russians.
When asked how he was so good, he responded “Practice”.

5'3" Simo

Who you calling little!

Seen at Environmental Graffiti


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