and hilarity ensues…

Vice Magazine Goes Bomb Shopping

This is the kind of information that causes my brother to freak out and stay up nights. To call me with plans for food and weapons stockpiles and for far out camps and backwoods living.
I am led to remember stories my father told me of growing up on targeted east coast military bases during the Cuban missile crisis. The fear that at any moment, anywhere, everything could change.
This fact was made very clear nine years ago.
I’m not one for nationalistic remembrances or imminent foreign bogeymen, but historically, factually speaking, the 2001 attack has become the major influence on the American psyche and the direction of the nation in this century.
It is what it is.
There will be more. It is an unfortunate inevitability.
Nets only hold so much and something always gets through.
That is scary.
There are so many crazies and wack-o’s and extremist nutbags….
in America, much less around the globe.
Look at the wack-a-mole militia group in Michigan last weekend.
Again, scary.
But it shouldn’t be crippling.
Watching the Vice video, I couldn’t help but realize the editor was making the exact face I imagine my brother to make while watching.
An intense bewilderment mixed with a very real and sincere terror.
Absolutely, guys.
I agree.
There’s cancer in the air and cancer in the sea.
We all just need to keep on trucking anyway.
My dad’s arm told me so.


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