arise chick-hen! chick-hen arise!

Today I had my first acupuncture appointment.
So that’s a thing.
Little weird. But definitely enjoyable. And regardless of whether or not it got rid of the crazy crick in my neck, I feel like it helped and the calming effect alone was more than worth it. It actually allowed for some needed reflective time. I recommend at least trying it for the novelty alone, if not the therapeutic.
After another quick bite at my new hot spot, Bebop Burrito, where I ate some awesome fish tacos, it was on to the races. I had originally planned on a late afternoon sail, but upon showing up at Ye Olde Yacht Club, I discovered a couple of small barely dressed, somewhat feral children and a group of very fast and free chickens. There was much chasing and running and marshy muddy sneakers and chicken feet and some bike path wrangling.
It actually made for quite an enjoyable and hilarious evening.
It is also making for a very farm fresh dinner. My hen wrangling skills were rewarded with three very fresh eggs for my supper skillet.
So, pin pricks and quick chicks.
Nice little Monday.

Arise chick-hen!

leggo my egg-ohs!


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