i heart Amelia Pond

Yup. It’s no secret, I’m a huge nerd.
Jumbo nerdcakes.
I grew up watching Doctor Who on PBS with my dad. When the new ones started I eventually watched all of them. I liked the last incarnation and was disappointed to see him go. But then I just watched the brand new season and was totally stoked. The new Doctor seems to fit the role perfectly. He’s got the silly and the serious and the slapstick down.
More importantly, Amelia Pond. The Doctor’s new companion.
I have my new scifi nerd crush.
No offense Kaylee , Bennett Halverson, Fred, Felicia Day and the others.
But I’m now going to geek out over the new Doctor’s new special lady friend.

commence geek fest twenty-ten.



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2 responses to “i heart Amelia Pond

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  2. Leah Myers

    love them to bits also anybody know the colour of her converse want that colour so bad!

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