Clarence Schmidt

Wow. I was browsing some other sites today and came across a bunch of items on this character. Clarence Schmidt. An incredibly eccentric gentleman, to some he truly lived his art, to others he may have simply been a crazy old man. I tend to believe truth probably fell somewhere in between the two. The structures he built are amazing and inspiring. I’m overwhelmed by what he managed to achieve when left to his own devices. Life threatening fires and collapses aside. Incredible to think, with the amount of government oversight and intrusion into our lives, things like this are virtually impossible today. Attempts to build a shed will put you into city planning and zoning offices for a year. Of course, Clarence died homeless and poor in an institution. It seems to be how these things go.
Please check the other sites listed for a whole bunch of photos and some more info on him.
Quite a character.
A real American.

David Johnson’s Pictures from living with Schmidt.

Born To Be Nervous

Able Hands to Labor

David Goldin

Some repetition, but I like to let the love get spread around.
Go forth.


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