death of a nation

I’ve been fascinated with the decline of Detroit and other such mid-America big cities over the last handful of years. Especially recently, following the housing collapse, recession/depression, economic decline of the country.
I am fascinated specifically with the state of urban decay in relation to the structures of the cities. The amazing architecture of once thriving American centers of capital left to wither, decay, crumble, and disappear.
I want to travel and explore but also feel like a lurker with big eyes and gaping mouth, jaw slung low, peering over shoulders and yellow tape at some horrific accident.
A bystander.
A creep.
I’ve made mention before of my feelings on “homes versus houses” and the heart and soul of things once the meanings been torn out, its true nature removed.
What value these empty decrepit husks.
A sadness.
Well, many dwellers have made a point to document the cities surrounding them.
Please, visit and view.
See what is going on out there along the lakes and in the plains.

A beautiful site and body of work by James Griffioen.

James’ site @ raising a family in Detroit. Awesome.

Silent Buildings

Detroit Urban Exploration


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