What makes a man?

Your name and your word are the only two, true things a man carries with him; the most important two things a man has in his life. With them, a man will find everything else he needs to get by. Without them, a man can have all the money in the world and none of the security.
I have traveled quite a bit. Been unemployed and without a home quite a bit. But I have never been lost with no place to go. Never without opportunity, even if that opportunity seems quite distant. Never lacked for love or friendship. And regardless of familial dispute, never been unsure of familial love.
I have never lacked for places to land.
Dirty, broke and drifting, I’ve tried to maintain my name in a positive light in other’s eyes while always trying to stay true to my word.
There are no absolutes in life. And there is always failure. But even in failure, I attempt to stay sincere and true.
This carries me.
I’ve never felt I needed either man’s or a god’s law to dictate how I should live.
No profound tenets handed down by mysterious fog monsters from holy heights.
No policy dictated by committee.
Attempting to live in a way that reflects well on your name; the one passed down from your father before; the name carried generationally; the name you hope to leave in good standing for the next to carry; that name and all its weight; by living in respect to that name and living in sincere and deliberate attempts to be true to your word, everything else falls into line.
When carried forth on shoulders of six, I hope my name carries as much weight as the stone it’s carved into, reflects well upon my father, and invokes respect in a son.
When faced with decision and choice, ask yourself if the direction you take will allow your name to do the same.


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