Dipshits, dumbasses, and wingnuts. aka. The Day’s Anger aka. The Daynger


As an outspoken believer in the right to own and to carry firearms, even I find these people to be idiots and wingnuts. They make rational gun advocates look like insane racists and right-wing wackos. This drives me batshit crazy. Where exactly were all these idiots during the debates concerning the Patriot Act and other hardcore constitutional rights limiting policies of the Bush administration. Now, a black President advocates health care reform so that there are less sick poor people stacked up like cord wood in emergency rooms. A considerably moderate President, policy-wise, is considered both fascist and socialist and a threat to our rights as Americans? Are you for F’n serious?
I just get so damn angry at the bullshit cloaking these people are pulling here.
Where were you dumb bastards during the last administration?
Oh, that’s right, suckling at fat old Cheney’s man-teats.
Oh… I’m angry.
Fat, well-off, old white men in polo shirts and paramilitary gear carrying assault rifles through the capitol are trying to tell us that the government is the one we should fear.
Thanks, I’m good.
Last time I checked, neither the government nor the various Islamic terrorist groups attacked Oklahoma City fifteen years ago.
And, as much as I too am saddened and angered by 2001’s attack from an external force, I don’t need to be reminded of the threat by racist, homophobic, non-threatened, unaffected 3rd grade educated wingnut militia types from the middle of nowhere Arkansas.

a gun-owning, middle of the road believer in self-reliance and educated policy making, with libertarian leanings and a desire to read books, pet a dog, hide in the woods, and no longer deal with the retarded ramblings of a dumbed down America led by drooling, drivel spewing, hard-right screaming shock editorialists.

P.S. Go F yourselves in the A.

SPLC numbers.



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