what makes a man? part two.


Usefulness is a strong indicator of a good man. One who makes himself useful to those around him, with hammer or hand, pliers or pan.
The desire to be useful to others drives a man to develop other characteristics that in turn make you a better, more complete person and stronger member of your community.
An eagerness to lend a hand leads to the drive to learn new skills.
A willingness to provide leads to a more altruistic outlook.
The desire to have answers propels one to gain more knowledge.
These pursuits will enhance your self worth and your value to others.
That shit’s straight math.

Hey, I’m no sucker though. This doesn’t mean allowing yourself to be taken for granted.
A man also knows how to say “no”.

So, learn some answers. Answer some questions. Turn some screws and change some tires. Lend a hand on a job you’ve yet to try. Develop some skills and make some friends. People will find you a lot more desirable than the guy thats always looking for help.
And when help is needed, you won’t even need to ask.

But remember, when you have that friend that only calls you looking for help on moving day…
“Sorry, the truck’s broke till tomorrow, buddy”.

Coming up soon: Guest spot by little brother. Hopefully telling his boy what’s to come in the years ahead.


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One response to “what makes a man? part two.

  1. Little Brother

    It’s good to have important, useful, but seldomly needed skills. It keep the phone calls to a minimum.

    I also have eliminated myself from moving help by getting consistently less practical trucks. A ’56 Ford that sits on the ground is not the first moving vehicle that pops into peoples brains when they acquire a new place to live…

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