Woden’s day roundup.

Woden, Mercury, Hermes. One god of the wild hunt and two associated with both thievery and travel. I’d say that makes for a nice little day right there.
A day for rogues and thieves and men of the road.

Well, here are some links and items and sites for the end of the middle of the week. A few things to take into the god of thunder’s day.

1. A book I need to order. Looks awesome. Supernatural, nightmarish fairy tales translated from Russian. I’m figuring it’s gonna get dark. It should make for some great fire escape reading while I watch the sun go down.

2. An artist does some guerrilla style campaigning for an improvement in etiquette in the NYC subway system. Jesums, best of luck with that. My favorite is the one concerning nail clipping. I feel like I have had to say that same line about many instances concerning public place social etiquette, “It’s crazy that this even needs to be mentioned.”

3. An interview with a guy shaping and creating awesome old school skateboards for legit street surfing. I’ll be honest, I seriously hate long board skateboard. Really. It’s such a ridiculous pet peeve of mine. But maybe it’s more guilt by association. Maybe I’m just a mean old crank who can’t stand the majority of the people on them. But this guy, Kevin Skibba from SoCal, makes boards like what I started out skating on when I was 6 or 7. Short gnarly super tight little decks on what were pretty much roller skate wheels. Gremmies. Check ’em out. Awesome. First seen over at A Time To Get.

4. This one’s for little brother. A super interesting article on tattoo apprenticeships in Japan with a completely amazing story by an artist who apprenticed following WWII.
The intense mental and physical hardship of apprenticeships in a Japan still steeped in feudal customs seems to rival only what my brother went through during his early tattoo scholarship at the hands of a colossal asshole. Of course Horihide was probably never screamed at in front of customers for finding his boss the wrong jet ski to buy. Especially interesting was his explanation of traditional Japanese tattoo themes and how and why certain things go together. The Selvedge Yard is always a good read.

Four items for Sroda, the fourth day.


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  1. Little Brother

    Good link on the Japanese apprenticeship… The crazy thing is, with the traditional tattoo families, it is still pretty much the same. Pretty awesome!

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