oh, and this guy too.

I just read a very interesting article about natural gas mining. And I’m not gonna lie, I read it because the title said “fracking” and I’m a huge nerd. Anyways, the article was interesting not just in its explanation of the mining company’s procedure for mining and exploration, but in detailing one man’s attempt to simply scientifically explain the procedure the company was proposing. He felt it was his duty, as a scholar and scientist who worked in the specific field, to explain to his neighbors what the process actually involved. Not because he was necessarily opposed or in favor, but because it was presented as simple when in fact he knew it was not. He felt that everyone should be able to make as informed a decision as he was able to.
This was not the case.
Lately I am unable to watch the news or read news articles without feeling like it is all editorial and agenda driven. I find very few people attempting to simply provide the facts and leave the interpretation up to me. It makes it very difficult to trust what is presented to you as unbiased and factual. I find it interesting that a man tries to give an unbiased factual presentation on a very controversial and complicated process and is accused of trying to talk people out of it because he didn’t portray it as simple and easy.
These things are never simple, easy or without consequences. That also doesn’t necessarily mean they’re either right or wrong.

A side note. I have a good many teacher friends who mourn their students lack of or decline of critical thinking skills.
Also a side note, anyone remember yellow journalism?


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