this guy….

So, these hang at my work and all day I’m saddened by their unattainable awesomeness. They’re from a painter named Ivan Rivera in Lima, Peru. So far, the stories I’ve heard involve church related threats for unfinished work and homemade cat hair brushes. I’ve yet to find proof of any of this online. Regardless of the stories, the paintings are incredibly well done and amazingly detailed. I’m totally blown away and can be found repeatedly staring at them. Not gonna lie, I also touch. Can’t help it. It’s like being a kid in the museum.

Ugh, shitty camera phone. Yes, I’m a jerk. I’ll be taking better pictures soon.



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2 responses to “this guy….

  1. Crap. I think I just wet myself I want these so bad…

  2. The one with the baby and the jewelry makes me crazy with lust. I can barely contain myself.

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