geek out freak out

I’m a huge nerd. That is probably quite obvious. I tend to geek out on things with an enthusiasm like a child. I nerd on out on shows like Doctor Who and have huge crushes on sci fi girls like the amazing Amy Pond. Also, I was just watching the latest episode so I’m a little obsessed right now with just how absolutely amazing the new season is.
Did I mention how much I like her?
Anyway, geeking out.
I’m also a big history nerd. I’m not necessarily well read or educated on huge chunks or events in history. But I am hugely fascinated by it. Especially, I’m interested in learning about local history wherever my current local may be.
So, in the process of reading some local history I came across the Library of Congress site’s page of Edison moving pictures and sound recordings. Super awesome and amazing. It has absolutely nothing to do with weird BBC time travel series or local history. But, there are a ton of very interesting clips from the turn of the previous century. Please take the time to browse them.
Scenes from the world’s fairs and expositions, disasters, and major historical events.

Also some pretty funny items.

A fixed gear hipster doing bike tricks in 1899.

Edison’s version of naughty time strip tease.


Annie Oakley


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