adventure mondays.

Today was chock full o’ new for me while also being so full of old.
I finally made it up to New England Salvage and it was awesome. Been awhile since I’ve been up to New Bedford. As usual, managed to get lost. Funny thing is while getting lost, happened to end up driving right by what I used to get lost going to. The old drug/alcohol free venue, Reflections, that was a staple of the hardcore scene in New Bedford for years. It was a little weird. Memories.
I figured it would be a good idea to grab some lunch at the always awesome No Problemo while in town. Pop my head in and see who was around to say hello to. An old friend Joey was manning the counter. Awesome dude. Has probably been close to a decade but still hugs and handshakes and good feelings. As much as I can be pretty lame when it comes to socializing and as much as I get stressed at times, it’s still pretty awesome to run into good people you haven’t seen in a while.
Seems like the last week has been full of these moments. A weird conflation of places and eras in my life. Sometimes it causes me to want to retreat into my cave. Some of it makes me wonder how to reconcile the obnoxious outgoing characteristics of my youth with the new socially terrified adult I feel like I might be at times. But, overall, it has been really nice to see some old and friendly faces and to see how well they’ve progressed into the adults they’ve become. Some I’m incredibly proud of and others I’m just so damn glad they’re still upright and kicking.
But I guess this is all an aside.

New England Salvage was awesome for anyone into restoration and any of the various projects you could need a thousand old windows or a couple hundred claw foot tubs for. Also super fun to wander around in.
No Problemo was super good food and even better to see old friends doing so well.

Also, back in Providence.

Juniper. Don’t sleep on the mango. For real. So good.

And. Farmacy Herbs, which I’ve apparently been passing right by forever now. The place was great. Please go to their site and read the “about”s and “what for”s. I’d heard about them before but not realized the shop was right down the street from me. I picked up some local honey and some tooth powder as a paste alternative. I plan to go back for more. Their tinctures, throat syrups and teas all looked fantastic. And I’m sure my exploring alternatives to medicine will make Harm proud.

Mondays have been nice lately. A little light exploring. Hoping to now ramp up to some larger adventures with the improving weather. Some possible extended bike and paddle trips. Both of which will be new for me in their length. Can’t wait.


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