on the wrong coast for dreams of elkballs.

I’m apparently obsessed with delicious today. I encountered pictures of what just might be the most amazing sandwich I’ve ever seen. Oh damn you, middle america, for standing between me and a delicious and fantastic looking sandwich of elky goodness. Oh, and for lots of other things too, but right now I’m just sad about the sandwich and not all the things you’re so so wrong about.

The lemongrass elk meatball sandwich.
I want.

Besides my unhealthy obsession with this culinary masterpiece of dagwoodian proportions, I was also pretty impressed with the restaurant owner’s approach to food and business. Her found and foraged influences and her attempts to create a community involved, neighborhood friendly sandwich hut with healthy local ingredients.
Well, she obviously says it better than I do. Check it out. If not for stopping in then maybe for some food inspirations.
Or even just to salivate over elk balls.
How many times in your life will you get to say that?


First seen here with link to the interview.

Sidenote: Why, on both other sites, in an article about an amazing cafe, chef and approach to food, are there only links to Sub(par)way but not to the place actually being profiled?


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