(t)ravel: sorting loose threads, winding up country roads.

I primarily travel alone. I enjoy the freedom of movement and the quiet that long solitary drives through America provide.
But I had forgotten how much I also enjoyed the company of friends at 4AM with the radio at full volume and the windows open wide. Full car sing-alongs with the heart and enthusiasm of an old hardcore show.
I missed driving around being dumb with my brother. Knowing the same songs. Getting angry at talk radio. Having the same terrible sense of humor.
Front porches with family and stupid dogs. I’ve spent quite a while now in perpetual motion and feeling rootless. It is nice to reconnect with blood and soil. To slow down and stare at open starry skies and talk of shared stories.
Friends and family can grow tight around the neck at times. But a life lacking these is terrible and empty. Like a tree with roots in sand, it’s only a matter of time before you fall flat with nothing to slow you down.


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