A few months back I got a call from a friend about a tiny ball of fur in the street. Too small to get itself out of the street and over the curb, the poor thing could barely walk much less avoid traffic. We figured the mother dropped it while moving the litter from the house recently under construction to a new abandoned building. The poor thing was so tiny that it still needed bottle feeding and toilet training (the details of which are both funny and more than a little gross). So small and furry and kind of pathetic, we weren’t sure if it would even make it through the first week.
He did.
Up until today, he’s been Gutterball, Toilet Cat, and Catface. But now little buddy needs his new and improved grown up name.
Any ideas?

Thanks Mom, for the inability to turn away strays and the heart to take in those in need.
Of course this time, I get a jerk of a cat who farts like a 200lb dog.


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