Mount Adams

I recently had the chance to make it up to the Presidential Range for a quick overnight. I chose to head up to the north end of the range and come back in at Adams by way of the Airline Trail.
Wow, what a choice. A beautiful and somewhat difficult trail, I felt like I was going straight up for a good portion of the hike. The trails were amazing boulder strewn beauties. 4500 feet of elevation gain in about 4.5 miles. Once above tree line, Airline moves up the ridge through a knife’s edge of sorts with a vicious crosswind to a steep hill of rocky scrambling to the summit.
Although I highly recommend this route, I also highly recommend NOT hitting the peak at dark with an impending death cloud on the darkening horizon.
I am a dumb-dumb.
Who also didn’t have a headlamp.
By pure luck and speed of foot, we made it down the other side and moved quickly to Crag Camp. This cabin run by the RMC, Randolph Mountain Club, was absolutely perfect for two exhausted rooks outrunning a late summer storm. Although well prepared to rough it outside, twelve bucks to sleep inside on a bunk was well worth it. I either underestimated the trail or overestimated my knees’ ability to handle it because the following morning I was stiff as hell. Woke up to a cliff’s edge looking into nothing but white. The entire hill was engulfed in deep cloud cover. Hiking down over wet trails and muddy drainage was actually not so bad. Except for the knees.
Beautiful trip that made me miss the mountains terribly. But, it was nice to be reminded that the West is not the only home to awe-inducing mountain views and empty trails. The trip definitely made a somewhat jaded East Coaster, ruined by life in the Rockies, appreciate his home turf again. Hoping to go back up for more and longer hikes soon.
Got to get my head back in the clouds.
For sure.


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