I hate 9/11.

No, really, I do. Oh, not for all those other reasons. I mean, I get why people are still angry and the remembrances thing. I don’t get the blatant racism cloaked in patriotism thing, but the other stuff, that i get.
But, back to me. All me, all the time. I mean, come on, there’s a certain element of narcissism to doing a blog. A little self importance even.
But enough with the avoidance, the digressions.
I hate 9/11 because it stole my mom’s fucking thunder.
On Labor Day 2001, one week before the shitstorm that socially, politically and literally altered America’s landscape indefinitely, my mom died. She was an amazing and caring and loving and hardworking and, well, to be honest, incredibly sarcastic woman. She was allowed about one week of remembrance before chicken little’s sky came-a-fallin’ and people had other shit to worry about.
That is why I hate 9/11.
Bullshit politics, asshole religion and retarded ideology pushed my mom’s death to the back burner.
It also doesn’t help that every year’s hoopla surrounding the impending date brings to mind my own loss. How my own life’s course took a crazy swing. How much has changed in regards to lifestyle and outlook and future.
September of 2001.
Super shitty.
Of course, I haven’t devoted trillions of dollars and countless deaths to a war in her name. So I guess I got that going for me.

My mom around 18-20? Probably high as shit.


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