i love these guys.

You’d be hard pressed to get some dads to even play with their kids. This guy and his son built an Iphone spacecraft and sent it into the sky. Super awesome.


Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.



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3 responses to “i love these guys.

  1. I see this guy’s Iphone/weather balloon contraption and I raise him a triple weather balloon/cat in space contraption. I have already starting knitting a kitty sweater out of shredded space blanket for those chilly stratospheric conditions. That and a kitty pony bottle and I think we’re ready for liftoff.

  2. libby'sonthelabel

    I was going to say that he’d have to fight my cats for the privilege, but I’m pretty sure your scrapper of a cat would win blindfolded. But can he pass the psych exam?? The fact that my cats can’t makes them uber-eligible.

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