I’ve done my usual “get out of the habit of doing something and never get back to doing it” thing. This blog has gone the way of working out, writing, sports, night time teeth brushing, musical instruments and taking my vitamins. I’ve allowed it to lapse long enough to drop out of my brain and now i’ve forgotten how to pick it up and plug it back in. habits are a funny thing. Easy to adopt bad ones and so hard to maintain good ones. I would love to blame a lack of inspiration or some sort of carpal tunnel syndrome, but, I am constantly inspired and excited about little things that I then lack the energy or enthusiasm to pass on to others. I have stared at the screen numerous times. Moved on to other things. Writing is an athletic endeavor that once must practice everyday or the muscles atrophy. I’ve withered.

But. It is Twenty-Eleven. A new year. Well, it has been for a couple months now. But yes! Twenty-Eleven! This year I will be thirty-five. High atop the pinnacle of the thirties. Preparing to march down the backside of this decade into forty.

What does this have to do with any of this?


Let’s talk about shoes.

I’m very excited to be welcoming into my life the annual shoe of summer! This year’s old school vans will be grey on grey with red inside. It is all very exciting and I’m very much looking forward to warmer weather and the many chances summer holds to destroy the crap out of these. A wonderful $16 spent.


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