Strange days.

Current events: union fights, riots, protests, rebellions, dictators, overthrows, violence…
International, national, local.
Bodies in African streets from 16 year old “mercenaries”.
Entire American cities losing their teachers, their schools.
Hate, rhetoric, propaganda, lies.

It is at once terrifying and intriguing to watch a world in turmoil.
Map lines redrawn.
Historical directions so incredibly altered.
Just to watch this all play out can be at times overwhelming. I can not imagine the feelings in the trenches.
I remember the end of the Cold War, the Wall falling. The change of nations, states and leaders.
The end of the USSR and what that did to the ways of the world.
I remember 2001 and watching the news in horror; more so at the thought rocketing around my brain that nothing in this country would ever be the same again than at the repetitious images of terror on the screen.

My brother gets very upset at these moments. Times of impending possible apocalypse. We’ll talk about what’s happening, what to do, what to expect.
But in the end, there is nothing to do. To support those who deserve it. To stay informed. To help where help is needed.
Yes, these things are an important duty.
But in the end, day to day, all one can do is to get up each morning and go to work. Feed the cat. Drink your coffee. Pay your bills.
Watch the news.

Once, the Roman Empire fell.
During the centuries of it’s crumbling, how many citizens were just trying to feed their families?
And did it really matter…


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