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The WPA and the National Parks

I’m sure anyone who has been to any of the National Parks has seen the reissues of the Works Progress Administration‘s Federal Art Project’s art promoting the the parks. Positive propaganda. The art is beautiful and the message on point. Visit America’s treasures. Use the parks. Support those who protect our real heritage.
I picked up a bunch of the postcards on a recent trip to mail around to friends from the road. Upon returning home I looked into getting more.
I frequently live in my truck or in a tiny one room apartment. So, I am not able to buy all of the works in poster form and plaster my walls with bold representations of some of the most beautiful spots in the country. I was able to buy them all in postcard form and plaster the hell out of a very small wall! I found a decent deal from the infamous Ranger Doug.
Also check out the Library of Congress site if you get a chance. Some great stuff to spend hours browsing through. I, personally, have barely scratched the surface.


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Making Owls Cool

Just happened onto a beautiful blog with a great look and amazing photos. Cats, owls, a New Englander’s obsession with the West and a blog title related to the writings of Farley Mowat. Definitely all things I can get behind. Please check it out.

Making Owls Cool Since 1986.

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este a oeste, part three: desert bloom.

Again, sorry about picture quality. It’s the thought that counts?

just cuz.

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an east to west sandwich with extra helping of larrytown. part one.

I seriously slacked on updating while traveling. I was trying to be in the moment without too much reflection or overthinking. Of course, I then never got back on track at the end.
I made my way as a passenger for once. Which was very strange for myself. Always the captain of his own ship, I was forced to take second seat with minimal influence on direction and outcome. It was oddly relaxing for a change. And the trip overall was supremely enjoyable. Under various influences and with assorted drivers, I made my way through some repeat locales and into some new adventures. A whole section of wild and wooly America I hadn’t seen yet.
It was, as always, incredible and overwhelming.
I continue to be impressed and awestruck and absolutely infatuated with what the country holds in its breast.
The people and places, sights and sounds.
The vistas and creature-scapes.
Friends and foes.
I’m always asked why I’ve yet to travel overseas. It’s not for lack of interest or fear of foreign lands.
I just haven’t run out of things I want to drive to yet.

Pictures are primarily from my phone because I’m the idiot who didn’t pack a camera.

Mojave Desert road

toy 4wheeler found on abandoned stretch of highway in Mojave

bouldering outside Moab

ancient hobo camp alongside train tracks in a Mojave ghost town

abandoned home used as trainrider shelter, ghost town, Mojave

lost in Mojave.

mountain lake above Zion

almost ran out of gas in desert twice. Warning: not every town on map actually exists.

Salton Sea. smells as gross as it looks. syringes are the local fauna

kansas had windmills

Arches NP

Zion NP

Joshua Tree NP

Salton Sea

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